Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Are Already Healed

There is one reality, and it can be described as Oneness.
This place of perfection already exists. There is no work to be done. You do not need to heal; you do not have to create a new reality. The perfect reality exists now, and holds all other realities within it. Open your awareness. Look past everything you know.

As you are working on your spiritual evolution/ascension, you are doing more than retrieving lost parts, integrating or rejoining your various selves. You are aligning and returning your focus to the reality of Divine Love. You are going to the place where everything is One. In that place you are already healed, perfect in every way.

When you come close to touching that reality, all individuals follow suit. These other aspects then turn, recognize and move closer to the light of Oneness.
Darkness is merely a forgetting of wholeness, and so there is a seeming separation into individuals.

When the light of Oneness is touched, a tone resounds. It strikes a chord, and wakes the soul. Look toward the light, Dear Ones. Reach out...and touch the music of Love.